Best not delay in seeking legal advice

November 26, 2016

It's not always a natural reflex for people to seek a lawyer's advice when confronted with a legal issue.  Many people hope their matter will go away or feel it's just not worth the investment at the early stage.  Some people are not sure how to go about it and imagine that if they do contact a lawyer they will be committing to a long and costly process. But that is not necessarily true.  And, operating under those assumptions could end up being much more costly in terms of the legal and financial ramifications, not to mention the grief that comes when you realize you waited too long to take action.

Many lawyers offer free initial consultations where they explain the legal process and their fee structure.  Some also offer services in stages so that the client determines how far the lawyer-client relationship will go.

A client may simply want a lawyer to provide a legal opinion about the chances of succeeding in any given legal proceeding.  That type of service can be quite less expensive for the client and still offer the peace of mind that comes with obtaining the advice of a professional.  Once that first stage is completed, it is up to the client to decide if he or she wants to continue with that lawyer.

This type of summary advice should not be seen as the normal route to take since legal proceedings have many stages and they tend to become more complicated as you move forward.  But knowing that it is possible to address a situation in that manner should remove some of the hesitation to pick up the phone or send an email to a lawyer.


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