Lawyer-client relationships can have their ups and downs

January 21, 2015

If you've ever been in the position of having to hire a lawyer, you probably know that it's not the same thing as choosing a dentist or physician. For example, medical doctors have big responsibilities towards their patients but most often it's limited to a brief physical examination followed by a prescription. Dealing with a lawyer can be much more complex in the sense that if you are facing criminal charges or a child custody application, your lawyer will have to get to know you on a much different level such as learning about your personal background and the nature of your interpersonal relationships.

Also, a client dealing with criminal charges or a family matter will have to wait weeks before matters are resolved and if a trial is in order there is a lot of preparation work that requires on-going discussions with the lawyer.

Trial is often an anxiety filled experience for both client and lawyer. The lawyer has to deal with opposing counsel, judges and many other variables. The client no doubt dreads the idea of testifying and being cross-examined on the witness stand. It all makes for tense moments and that can pull at the fabric of the lawyer-client relationship.

But that is simply the reality of the situation. Good lawyers and well intentioned clients usually find ways to surmount those tense moments and all is usually forgiven once a favorable outcome is attained. Indeed, there is seldom a more exhilarating feeling than when a judge rules in your favor.

As a client you must try to remember these realities of the legal process. Meanwhile, a good lawyer will review this with you from time to time.

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