le 1 mai 2021
Bail Hearings: Do it right, have a Plan

People who are arrested for alleged crimes are often kept in custody by the police pending a court appearance. That court appearance has to happen within 24 hours of being arrested. But there is no guarantee that the person will be released at the first court appearance. That is because the Crown Prosecutor could, in […]

le 12 mai 2018
Harassment: Crossing the line from annoyance to criminal offence

Why do some forms of harassment become the object of criminal proceedings and others not?

le 11 février 2018
Be careful when obtaining legal information on the Internet

A lot of information found on the Internet can be seriously misleading.

le 16 septembre 2017
The Virtual Law Office: Law firms adapting to changing marketplace, client expectations

As in other fields across the global marketplace, more and more virtual law offices are replacing physical storefronts.

le 25 juin 2017
On the importance of civility in legal matters

Appearing at court in summer shorts, talking during a trial or making rude gestures at the other party’s witnesses will be noticed by judges.

le 5 février 2017
Never give up your fundamental rights

Your lawyer is there to make certain your basic legal rights are protected even when you might not be aware they exist.

le 26 novembre 2016
Best not delay in seeking legal advice

Many lawyers offer free initial consultations where they explain the legal process and their fee structure

le 7 mai 2015
Self-defence is a tricky argument to make

In self-defence cases, judges must determine, among other things, if there is an “air of reality" to the defence

le 21 janvier 2015
Lawyer-client relationships can have their ups and downs

Good lawyers and well intentioned clients usually find ways to surmount those tense moments and all is usually forgiven once a favorable outcome is attained

le 7 février 2014
Human Rights Declarations too often overlooked

We tend to forget that most governments and international institutions have charters that express fundamental rights and obligations for all its members

le 6 juillet 2013
Lawyers go to "school"

Being a lawyer requires upkeep.  Three years of law school and Bar admission courses certainly prepare future lawyers for work in the legal profession, but any lawyer will tell you that that is not enough. Since the law is in constant evolution,  lawyers must keep up to date on the changes.  They must also develop better techniques […]

le 14 juin 2010
A few musings about Martial Arts and the Law, Part 3

I left things last week stating that in both legal theory and Zen philosophy there is often no definitive answer to a specific question. We are left essentially with uncertainty. This is reflected in the teaching methods of both law professors and Martial Arts teachers. For example, in law school, it often happens that no […]

le 5 juin 2010
A few musings about Martial Arts and the Law, Part 2

This week, I continue my reflection on the similarities between the Law and Martial Arts. It’s a sort of meditation that allows me to stay focused on both as I prepare for my black belt test this Sunday. Part 2: Learning the art of combat As I discussed last week, I discovered on a hunch […]

le 29 mai 2010
A few musings about Martial Arts and the Law, Part 1

I write this blog just a week before a major trial. But it will be a physical trial, not a legal one and it will be held in a dojo, not a courtroom. Also, I will be the one on trial. When I return to you in two weeks, I fully expect to be wearing […]


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